Linareva Diving Center : Diving center in Moorea

Exploration Dives

Dives take place in the morning, twice a day : Departures at 7:45 AM and 10:00 AM. We dive twice a day.
We also organize dives for groups who have their own diving instructor. Contact Us


The dive starts in the lagoon and ends in the ocean. Numerous caves are home to Nurse and White Tip Sharks. Often a shoal of Eagle Rays glide by in the current of the pass. A different and attractive dive too !


Nice coral reef going down in a gentle slope. Between 15 and 25 meters big boulders shelter a varied and colourful wildlife in numerous caves. Located far from passes, this spot benefits from a remarkable visibility and is accessible for all levels.
Exploration dives Exploration dives Exploration dives
Scuba diving in Moorea Scuba diving in Moorea Scuba diving in Moorea

TAOTA Canyons

Rocky gaps connect the ocean to the lagoon. The current attracts here shoals of Eagle Rays and hundreds of Jack fish . White Tip Sharks and Giant Wrasses visit this place... from time to time! A very funny and attractive dive !

MOO Pass

The Pass is a place where there is a « false pass ». One can see, there, a beautiful multicoloured coral garden where lots of red mullets shelter. One can also meet morays, small reef sharks and coloured fish.